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Για μια νύχτα στην Τζαμάικα:

Η ομάδα του IRIE Action Sound System, πιστή στην παράδοση της Τζαμαικάνικης κουλτούρας των soundsystems, στήνει σε κάθε βραδυά τον πύργο της ο οποίος αποτελείται απο χειροποίητα ηχεία.Προσκεκλημένος στο μικρόφωνο, ο Ras Daniel Ray με θητεία σε ένα απο τα αξειωσημείωτα Sound Systems της Τζαμάικα, το Killamanjaro.
Στην βραδυά τα μπάσα θα παρασύρουνε τον παλμό της καρδιάς σε Reggae/Dub ρυθμούς και το μικρόφωνο θα κάνει τα πόδια μας να πάρουνε φωτιά με επιλογές απο την χρυσή εποχή της Τζαμαικάνικης μουσικής ως το πρωί.
Την κορδέλα του πάρτυ θα κόψουνε οι σελέκτορες του THC Sound Systemόπου εδώ και 28 χρόνια, χορεύουνε τις γειτονιές της Αθήνας (και όχι μόνο...)
entrance: 8 euro ( με μπυρα)

Michael Ray McKulsky, aka Ras Daniel Ray, was born in Jamaica in a Christian family of twelve children. His dad names him Ray as an analogy to the note ‘ray’ what destines him to a musical career. At the age of five, he starts as a choirboy in a church and also takes part to a Gospel group at school, which leads him to dedicate a real passion to singing.

As a teenager, Ray, called then Sugar Ray, starts performing for the sound system Echo Tone Night Rider, in his village of Saint Catherine. He accedes to a professional level with Killamanjaro sound that makes him popular in Jamaica, sharing the stage with celebrities such as Shabba Ranks. He makes greater appearances in reggae festivals, and then starts singing for the sound Jahlovemusik.
In 1993, his first singles ‘Bubbling Pot’ and ‘Jamaica Nice’ are produced by Harry J. Sunset Records. His first songs are written by Sangi Davis who takes him under his wing and teaches him the principles of Rastafarian culture. The lyrics will be from now on impregnated with Rastafarian messages.
In 1996, he got noticed by the Swiss promoter Rootsman and starts travelling between Jamaica and Europe. He plays on stage in Switzerland at the group Far I Rebel Band’s side in first part of the Beres Hammon show, a tour which took place in Austria, in Italy, in France and in the United Kingdom. This new step marks the beginning of another artistic collaboration in all Europe and abroad up to Ethiopia and the Reunion Island. After a short stay in Jamaica, Ras Daniel Ray decides to orientate his musical career towards Europe which leads him to settle down in the United Kingdom and work with different production studios such as:
-Jet Star/Mafia & Fluxy, 'You don’t know me' in an unplugged version
-Reggae on Top that will produce the titles 'Redemption reality' and 'Cannabis', versions influenced by dub music
… and after in France where his talent is noticed by various radios including France Inter. He will do an important encounter with the group Tu Shung Peng and starts - for the first time in his career- a close creative collaboration that results in the production of their first album "Around Tu Shung Peng" in 2007 followed by "Trouble Time" in 2008. These two compilations produced under the label Makasound are distributed in France by PIAS but also in the United States, in Italy, in Japan, in Portugal and in the U.K. Ras Daniel Ray sings on theses albums the titles ' Man of the Mountain' and 'Can you be my Princess' on the first one and 'One sweet day' and 'Vision Land' on the second one. Around the group and Ras Daniel Ray, the biggest names in Reggae Roots music are collaborating to many songs. Both albums are available all around the world.
Beside the concerts with his group, Ras Daniel Ray pursues his work as a solo system’s singer with the label Patate Records in a two cds’compilation, "Orange Street" and "Pirates and Treasures" (titles: 'Follow the river', 'Make it to the top' and 'Golden age') and keeps on recording dub plates like 'Olympic' produced by Scotch Bonnet Records to pay an homage to Usain Bolt, a Jamaican runner, three times world champion.

Between 2007 and 2010, Ras Daniel Ray and Tu Shung Peng play in several concert halls and festivals especially as finalists of a European Jump-in organized by the Rototom Reggae Sunsplash festival, one of the biggest of the kind. In November 2008, they participate to different shows on French TV on the side of famous people –i.e. Amadou and Mariam.
The list of live shows is long. The last big date being the Reggae Festival in Garance in summer 2010 where they appear among not less than sixty artists, to mention the most famous ones; Bunny Wailer, Toots and the Maytals and John Holt. Ray makes two appearances on stage during this festival, one in a sound system with Jahlovemusik gathering various artists and one on the next day with his group Tu Shung Peng.