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O.B.F Soundsystem ft SHANTI D meets PROPHECY Records

Rico and G. started collecting music in the late 90's from revival roots to uk dub style.
They then realised they need powerfull sound system to play their selections in Geneva and French underground venues. In the early 2000's they decided to build their own sound system. Inspirated by the uk and Jamaican sound system, heavy bass scoops were build, to drop some heavy bass pressure, sharp mid and top range section to get the proper feeling of the reggae and dub music as it should be.

Influenced by different music, they developped their own style. O.B.F. had to be unique in the soundman business to go forward. They love roots reggae and world music but they also like the new digital stuff comin from everywhere. O.B.F. creates music with all kind of drum machine and synth, mixing roots rock reggae with new digital sounds. Their style brought a fresh breeze in the dub world, and finally they get the French Dub touch. Now a regular on the european reggae scene, O.B.F play to rock the nation and make people dance on conscious bass music. Have a look on their new label O.B.F record and Dubquake.O.B.F &PROPHECY RECORDS will meet for second time in Athens ,this time in full crew version alongside Shanti D pon mic to present to Athens massive their brand new albumFeaturing : Charlie P / YT / Mr Williamz / Shanti D / I-Leen / Lone Ranger / Burro Banton / Mikey General / Troy Berkley / Danman! + 2 raw dubz : Who's bad & Wild!
Prophecy Records is an independent reggae label,created from selector Sensi Tom and based in Athens Greece .Started as a label before 2 years with a vinyl release in 12 inch vinyl.Prophecy Records released 2 tunes with 4 dubs,a tuff production from Bunnington Judah,featuring the Itrol tower session band and the mighty Serbian artist Hornsman Coyote in the brass section .The tunes recorded at the legendary studio Hall place in Leeds U.K .Fire Burn and Revelation time . The second release is coming out from Prophecy records ,again with Bunnington Judah and Art-Man from France.Love Jah and Jah Music will be out on vinyl soon from Prophecy records,a great production with tuff dubs mixed fro Jideh -High elements from France.