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  Salonica's Massive Dub Trio For The First Time In Athens!Do Not Be Missed!

On Decks: Digital Monk (Moriginal BeatsGradient Audio Recs)
Lorrd: (To Kako SynapantimaParanoise Webradio)
On Mic: Big Shine (FYAH FIST) Moriginal Champ system, @Gradient Audio Recs)
DIGITAL MONK: Digital Monk is a producer / DJ from Thessaloniki, Greece.
His production style can be from dubstep with dark atmospheres, 
deep bass and punchy drums to minimal drum n bass, dubwise dubstep and jungle.
He works with artists as : Steven Lorenz (FR), Waeze (IT), Daddy Nek (GR), Talabun (RU), Tiwadi (FR), 
Big Shine (GR), Guesswerk (UK), TypeOne (GR), Deb D (UK), Benny Fishel (USA), Rodes United (GR).

Releases :

Audio Theory Records, Greece (Theoretical Science Compilation, Digital Monk, Everyone Dies, 2013),

Inception Records, United Kingdom (Mental Fault EP, Digital Monk & Cerebral Theory, 2013),

Breathe Records, Greece (Fleck-Don dada, Digital Monk Remix, 2013),

Deepnez Audio, USA ( Digital Monk - Unprocessed, 2014),

V.I.M. Tronica, Greece (Fanne- Despair, Digital Monk Remix, 2014),

Audio Theory Records, Greece (The Haunted EP featuring Talabun, TypeOne, Tiwadi, Daddy Nek, 2014,
witch had a place on top 10 drum n bass releases of February on Spectrum Music Blog).

V.I.M. Tronica, Greece ( Digital Monk - Its Time To wake Up EP, 2014 witch was on places
33 and 51 on the top 100 best seller releases of juno download and beatport.)

BIG SHINE: Big Shine is a Ragga/Hip Hop MC & selecta based in Greece.
A founding member of "Fyah Fist" along with Amira Lacrima.
He's also a member of the music label called "Ghettolabel" with artists such as Dispero,Alicia,Hrizmo and others.

He is involved in the reggae/ragga culture and has performed in numerous shows all over the country, singing from Reggae to Dancehaal,Hip Hop to Jungle,Drum and Bass to Dubstep. He has shared the stage with artists such as Alborosie, Groundation, Aba Shanti I, Dub pistols, illbilly Hitec, Dj Vadim, Rodes United, Moriginal Champ System, Nek, Moca Juniors, Kako Synapantima, Logos Apeili & I AM HIP HOP fam, Tang ram, Alutoi Grifoi and others.

In 2010 he took part in Moca Revolutionaries mixtape with other Greek reggae artists like Moca Juniors, Nek, Dispero, Rootman, Soulfire, Fundracar, Skaribas, i mitri and many more..

He also participated in Dispero's and Music Kitchen Records' double CD, called Man Vs Woman(2010).
Up until now he has worked in collaboration with great artists worldwide such as Rodes United & Nikitas Klint, Illbilly Hitec,
Clinton Sly, Logos Apeili, Fort Bravo & Rsn and more..

LORRD: Lorrd is A Dj,Drummer and Producer from Thessaloniki,Greece.In 1995 he started his involvement with music and especially with his favorite instrument,the Drums.From 2000 he started dealing with Turtables generating hip hop music at his own Studio "Grab".He was a founding member of the HipHop bands"Katoptro","Antarcia" and "Defenderz" taking particulary the Dj and Music Production place.At the same time he was an active Dj,either "Scratching " in various underground bands that passed through the Studio "Grab",or as a Selector in many sound systems,bars and live stages in Greece(THHF,Street Mode Fest,Rastavibe Fest,Seli Mountain Gatherinh E.t.c)
After a five-year involvement with the Rap scene of Thessaloniki mainly,in the spring of 2007 he joins the Greek Reggae-Dub Band "Kako Synapantima" as a Drummer(,his old friends from the Hip Hop years.
Nowdays,he continues to be active as a Dj at various Bars and Sound Systems,Drummer and producer especially on Dub, Dubstep and Trip-Hop sounds.
You can listen him live, every Sunday from 10 to 1 a.m, where along with his fellow musician "Northical" ( present the weekly show "Demolition Sound"

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