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United Nations of Dub Weekender 2015 / Official

The official United Nations of Dub Weekender 2015 movie is here!
We went through 3+ days worth of footage , narrowed it down to ~50 minutes and painfuly assembled these clips into a 6 minute cut.
The process was not easy , we feel sorry for each and every artist that didn't make it to the final cut!
Enjoy the heavyweight vibes of the Weekender and prepare for 2016!

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To stay tuned for some follow up Clips from UNOD 2015

Special thanks to I-Mitri & Felis for making this happen for us!
Bless AMP Outernational for all the help since and their massive tune for this movie.
Big up to all the Soundsystems , Crews , Artists and People who gathered in Prestatyn to celebrate Soundsystem Culture!

Shot & Edited : Heviweit 
Music by : AMP Outernational 

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