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REGGAEWISE | Professor Skank/ MC Yinka/ Dub Riots/ Bluez/ InDaMouse/ Rooty Be at Χυτήριο

Παρασκευή 29 Απριλίου, το Reggaewise παρουσιάζει τον Professor Skank στο Χυτήριο, Ιερά Οδό 44.Ο Professor Skank έχει συνεργαστεί με Max Romeo, Zion Train, Mad Professor, Brinsley ford Aswad, Love Grocer, Earl 16, Vibronics, Afrikan Simba και άλλα θηρία της Dub σκηνής, και έρχεται στην Αθήνα για ένα μοναδικό Dub show. Μαζί του ο Mc Yinka στα φωνητικά, ο Bluez στη melodica, και οι Dub Riots, InDaMouse, Rooty Be σε Steppa Dub επιλογές. Οι πόρτες ανοίγουν στις 23.00 και η είσοδος είναι 5 ευρώ.

> Friday 29 April 2016 <

*Professor Skank
*MC Yinka
*Dub Riots
*Rooty Be

Professor Skank is by far the most well known Greek Dub producer with a number of great releases and collaborations. Born and raised in Greece in 30.03.1977, he experimented with the genre at a really young age of 14 on a 4-track recorder in early 90’s. A period of blending and maturing followed that lead to his days . Meeting Mad Professor was a turning point for him. His talent was discovered immediately and he succeeded not only to shine through but also being initiated into the dub ‘s secrets from such a living legend.
In the following years their collaboration allowed Professor Skank to use the legendary Ariwa studios remixing and working with great artists and bands of reggae and dub like Max Romeo, Zion Train,Brinsley ford Aswad, Love Grocer, EARL 16,vibronics,Afrikan Simba and many other. In 2006, his first solo album “Industrial Democracy” was released through Universal music.
Based in his studio, he kept on producing music, releasing vinyls and rmx ,on international labels and presenting it all around the world and building an international career which lead to him being the first Greek musician to ever appear in Glastonbury Festival, Great Britain ‘s most famous music festival.
In early 2014 Professor Skank starts a new collaboration, this time with klikrecords and releases his second solo album “Digital Revolution”. A project that starts with the best portents since Mad Professor is not just a mentor here but opens the album with his voice talking about Professor Skank ‘s ecumenical music.
Professor Skank ‘s love for vocal samples is something easily noticed in the “Digital Revolution” album. A way to express himself through the voice of others for all those things that trouble him. His own unique method of saying out loud his ideas about all these social and political matters that affect our everyday life and send out his verdicts.

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