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Don Carlos - Mr Sun

Wooo oh yaa 
Woo oh oh oh ya aight ya... 

Got woke this morning by Mr. Sun 
Shining through my window 
I said (h)Ello Sun 
Said (h)Ello Sun 


I was so glad to see the sun come shining through 
I jumped out my bed 
I've got a lot of things to do 

I can't waist time 
Time is so precious to me 

If I waste time, I'll be right behind the line 
And who to tell? I might even lose my mind, lose my mind, yes, lose my mind 

Give thanks to you Mr. Sun, you've kept me away 
I was so lovely, 
So give thanks to you Mr. Sun, give thanks to you 
Mr. sun, oh no, oh doo ay whoo oh, mr. sun, who oh oh mr. sun