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Irie Action Sound System Meets Dennis Capra

To IRIE Action Sound System μετά τον εορτασμό των 10 χρόνων επιστρέφει στον ημιυπόγειο χώρο του Χυτηρίου για την πρώτη του ολονύχτια Reggae συνάντηση της σεζόν με βασικά συστατικά την καλή ενέργεια και τις ‘’βαριές’’ μπασογραμμές των μουσικών επιλογών. Αποστολή του Irie Action είναι να ομορφαίνει την πόλη και να κατεδαφίζει βήμα βήμα τους τοίχους του αστικού τοπίου μέσω της Roots Rock Reggae μουσικής. Καλεσμένος του Irie Action o Dennis Capra από την Νάπολη της Νότιας Ιταλίας. Ιδρυτικό μέλος του 48 Roots Sound System της Μπολόνια, ένα απο τα πιό δυνατά και ευρέως γνωστό ηχοσύστημα στην Ιταλία.Αφοσιωμένος στην δημιουργία και την διάδοση της Reggae απο το 2005 έχει δημιουργήσει την Capra Records με κυκλοφορίες και συνεργασίες με παραγωγούς όπως η Scotch Bonner Records( Mungo’s Hi-Fi Label) Rupa Rupa Records, Top Smile. Έχει τραγουδήσει και κάνει Toasting σε αρκετά ηχοσυστήματα παγκοσμίως όπως οι O.B.F. , The Bush Chemists, Jah Observer, Saxon Sound.

Irie Action Sound System

With common base the love for Reggae music and influenced by the Culture of Jamaican Soundsystems started in 2005 as URM with members Man'O, Oldjohn, Nesco. Having built a small sound system did our first nights on campus. Then having come in 2009 as Irie Action with Soundman now in the team, strengthened step by step the sound to be able to cover the largest space needs and also doing some nights with artists from Europe and Jamaica (Uwe Banton, Earl Sixteen, U-Brown , Ras Daniel Ray, Marlene Johnson, Horace Martin, King Shiloh). During 2009-2010 released two vinyls as Irie Action in cooperation with Ranking Joe, Ranking Trevor, Fitta Warri, Earl Zero, Ranking Forest with Greek producer and musician Outspoken Brothers. Today we continue to Do The Reggae with core OldJohn, Soundman, Nesco, K-Mood.

Dennis Capra

Capra Records is a Roots Reggae label mainly influenced by the 70’s and 80’s jamaican scene. Capra Records specialize in supporting and promoting new talents and distribute records in Europe, Japan and America. Kapra Dubplates is a sub-label, which is more oriented around contemporary dub and digital sounds, whose first release has been played by Jah Shaka. The man behind the projects is Dennis Capra, born and raised in Naples, South Italy. He is a soundman, producer and dubmaster and is well known for his first class talent in toasting and selecting. Dennis Capra has been in the music business since 2005. Along the way he has collected an extensive record collection, and since 2014, has been playing regularly for Dub Force Radio and now promotes a event called Dreadlocks Arena. He has performed many sessions across Europe which include Italy, Spain, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal. In 2008, Dennis Capra co-founded 48 Roots Sound System which is based in Bologna, Italy. 48 Roots have ‘warmed up the dance’ for many artists including Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti-I, Mad Professor, Jah Observer, Channel One, Fatman Hi-Fi and many more. 2016 saw Dennis Capra move his studio in Barcelona, Spain and temporarily stop his collaboration with 48 Roots; leaving behind his name ‘Capra Dread’. He has sung and toasted on many Italian and international sound systems including O.B.F, The Bush Chemists, Jah Observer, Saxon Sound and many more. Throughout his music career, he has recorded songs for various producers such as, Scotch Bonnet Records, Mungo’s Hi-Fi Label, Rupa Rupa Records, Top Smile and more. Listening to Capra Records, live or recorded, is a unique journey. To hear music that unifies into one harmonious sound from different countries and ages is truly an unforgettable experience. Capra Records creates an eternal sound made for people who can’t stop dancing to Jah Music!