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Irie Action Sound System meets Origins Sound System

Φωτογραφία του χρήστη IRIE Action Sound System.
IRIE Action Sound System with Origins Sound System inna Striclty Roots Rock Reggae Rotation Meeting.

Starts 23:00 Entrance 8 €+Beer @Χυτήριο Basement

IRIE Action Sound System

With common base the love for Reggae music and influenced by the Culture of Jamaican Soundsystems started in 2005 as URM with members Man'O, Oldjohn, Nesco. Having built a small sound system did our first nights on campus. Then having come in 2009 as Irie Action, strengthened step by step the sound to be able to cover the largest space needs and also doing some nights with artists from Europe and Jamaica (Uwe Banton, Earl Sixteen, U-Brown , Ras Daniel Ray, Marlene Johnson, Horace Martin, King Shiloh). During 2009-2010 released two vinyls as Irie Action in cooperation with Ranking Joe, Ranking Trevor, Fitta Warri, Earl Zero, Ranking Forest. Today we continue to Do The Reggae with core OldJohn, Nesco, K-Mood.

Origins Sound System by Systematic

My very first Reggae Sound System experience was in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2003. I attended a monthly dance, powered by the mighty “Messenger Sound System”. Straight away I felt that the atmosphere in the dance was quite unique. I had never before witnessed such positive vibes, people of all ethnicities dancing and skanking with such energy and feeling of togetherness. I had always been heavily involved with the underground music scene since my teenage years, DJing and organising raves and all sorts of musical events. But when I heard that Sound System play those dubs, it was a true revelation to me. I had always been listening to bass music, but mostly sounds of my times. Basically, variations of dub music rather than original Roots Reggae tunes. It was only at this moment that I realised the greatness of Roots music and the power of the message it brings across. That wasn`t simply a regular night out, but an experience like no other. I was overwhelmed by the fact that there were people so dedicated to play their music properly, that they went off to build their own sound systems, according to their own sound preferences. They had to move it from venue to venue and set it all up for a single night. The way the presented the music to the people was also outstanding. Special gear such as custom made preamps and FX units were used by skillful operators to manipulate the music, while uplifting vocalists were toasting over the dub versions. The whole thing just blew me away. The idea was born...
Living in the UK for more than a decade gave me the opportunity to attend countless Sound System nights, learn a lot about the culture and grow fond off the UK style Roots/dub music. I started collecting vinyl once again and began a thorough research on Sound System building. In my profession as a theatre technician I have acquired skills such as set construction/carpentry and sound engineering among others, so the project to build my own sound system came as a natural fact. During my sort visits back to Greece, I started setting up dances in various venues in Athens by the name “SYSTEMATIC" where I used to play Roots Reggae, but mainly UK DUB and STEPPAS sounds. Soon I met the right people and slowly built my network in the rising Athenian scene. I was happy to discover the existence of two already established sound systems that had been running there for years, Irie Action and Dubwise Hi Fi. During those visits I started building. By the end of 2016 “ORIGINS SOUND SYSTEM" was born. A solo project, undertaken by a dedicated Reggae enthusiast, for the love of music, the vibes and the sound system culture.
Since the number of Sound Systems in Greece has increased, it became a common feeling that the time had come to make the presence of our community stronger by coming together to create the very first “ATHENS DUB CONFERENCE". We welcome all tribes to come to our dance, regardless of their musical preferences or age and feel the power of three real Reggae Sound Systems, dropping the heaviest of basslines and most uplifting melodies of the past, present and future.