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EMD Irie Action sound System at Monastiraki Square

Φωτογραφία του Konstantinos Demode.
From Kingston To Athens

European Music Day

IRIE Action Sound System at Monastiraki square.

Roots Rock Reggae Taking Over!..

IRIE Action Sound System

With common base the love for Reggae music and influenced by the Culture of Jamaican Soundsystems started in 2005 as URM with members Man'O, Oldjohn, Nesco. Having built a small sound system did our first nights on campus. Then having come in 2009 as Irie Action, strengthened step by step the sound to be able to cover the largest space needs and also doing some nights with artists from Europe and Jamaica (Uwe Banton, Earl Sixteen, U-Brown , Ras Daniel Ray, Marlene Johnson, Horace Martin, King Shiloh). During 2009-2010 released two vinyls as Irie Action in cooperation with Ranking Joe, Ranking Trevor, Fitta Warri, Earl Zero, Ranking Forest. Today we continue to Do The Reggae with core OldJohn, Nesco, K-Mood, Little Strange.