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Alpha Steppa - The Time Has Come feat. Nai Jah & Ras Divarius

The time has come
To seek the beat of the drum We've been running from our past For way too long... You pretend to be one But from your brothers and yours sisters you run Tell me What have they done World war 2 you ran You came to our shores Welcomed with open arms Now nobody wants to ring the alarm How many more of us must drown in the ocean The time has come To seek the beat of the drums We're writing down our history It's a sad sad one Taking the wrong turn How many times must it happen till we learn Don't wait too late To be concerned But if you keep building those walls One day they will trap you it will be your downfall And then you will ask for a helping hand I hope that day we will understand So many refugees Migrating over the seas So many refugees In desperate help and need