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Irie Action Meets Leo Vidigal | Weapon Is My Mouth Screening

Φωτογραφία του χρήστη IRIE Action Sound System.
IRIE Action Sound System Meets Leo Vidigal From DeSkaReggae Sound System (Brazil)

21:00 - Screening
Leo Vidigal Presents ''Weapon Is My Mouth''
[Conversation With Leo After The Projection]

“Weapon Is My Mouth” is conceived and made specifically a “danceable film.” It has to be experienced, appreciated and danced to within the environment of a sound-system session.

Projected between the speaker stacks it is a fusion of Expanded Cinema and dancehall experience – making the space one for the moment of thought as well as bodies.

The 52 min film is the product of an one-year research programme made at Goldsmiths by Brazilian scholar and soundman Leo Vidigal, in collaboration with filmmaker Delmar Mavignier.

23:00 A Striclty Rootical Session From IRIE Action Sound System And Leo Vidigal